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How do you determine the number of spaces needed for your parking structures? How do you plan for the ever-changing technology that could greatly impact your parking needs? How do you fund and maximize an effective parking garage maintenance or restoration services program?

If your parking needs include strategic planning and management consulting, functional design solutions, updated technology, or facility maintenance and restoration, these are just a few questions you’ll need to answer. You’ll also want your parking program to serve as a catalyst for economic development, enhance customer service, reduce operating costs, and improve public perception.

As a partner with technology, traffic, transportation, parking design, parking planning, land development, and autonomous vehicles experts, Florida Engineering Design can provide answers and deliver a better parking experience. We are the only parking consultant who can bring in-house, holistic solutions for parking that integrate into a wider transportation network.


Building for Tomorrow

In the ever-changing world of parking, it’s also important to future-proof your projects—especially with the rise of autonomous and connected vehicles. Planning for tomorrow requires foresight as well as excellent data on how customers are interacting with your facilities. Florida Engineering Design can help you on both counts, through our planning, design, and technology experience. We bring an extensive resume of planning and design of parking decks, parking access and revenue control systems, wayfinding and guidance signage, and integrating mobile payment applications.

You envision a destination; we can help you get there!