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You look for a lot in your energy consultant. You need a firm that can expedite local permitting and site approvals. One that offers a full breadth of service to meet all the challenges your project will entail—and can call on back-up resources as needed. You need consistent quality, and an understanding of your markets. For all these needs and more, Florida Engineering Design delivers. Every time, on every deadline.

Renewable Energy

With growing concerns about the depletion and environmental impacts of fossil fuels as well as the nation’s desire for energy independence, there is a significant focus on the development of clean, renewable energy sources to meet U.S. energy needs. Florida Engineering Design understands that to successfully deliver the next generation of fuels and energy producing plants, the energy companies of today need a knowledgeable, forward-thinking design team that’s committed to their success. Florida Engineering Design has assisted clients with projects involving all three of the renewable energy sources that have become such important elements of our nation’s energy vision.

Our services include feasibility studies, site civil design, permitting, and other services for solar, wind, and biomass energy sources. For any renewable resource, Florida Engineering Design provides a wide range services to meet all your consulting needs under one roof.


When you look for an engineering partner to help move your solar projects forward, be sure to ask the right questions. Does the firm have the local agency relationships that lead to better due diligence and faster approvals? Do they have the bench strength to take on the most aggressive schedule? Are they up to date on the latest stormwater and environmental regulations? And do they have a track record of innovative solutions that translate to greater cost savings? With Florida Engineering Design, the answers are all “yes.”

All the services you need under one roof

When you hire Florida Engineering Design, you don’t need multiple consultants. We can handle it all: site feasibility, due diligence, and development planning; site design and permitting; electrical and power services; structural engineering for your rooftop installations; environmental services; and stormwater management or wetland restoration.

When your solar project needs to be done fast and done right, call the firm with a track record that shines: Florida Engineering Design.


Renewable wind energy sources have become vital elements of our nation’s energy vision. And as the wind market grows, your need for top-notch professional consulting grows, too.

With years of experience across the country, Florida Engineering Design is positioned to address your needs. Whatever your challenge, we have addressed it before. Whether you need feasibility studies for a new wind farm, noise and vibration analyses, transportation services, or environmental services, we can help. We’ve developed route options for high voltage transmission, and assisted in right-of-way design and coordination. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that save you time and money.

Depth of service to meet your needs

With thousands of employees in offices across the country, we are positioned to meet your local and national needs. Our ability to draw from our entire team to meet your aggressive schedules in any market is unparalleled. And our breadth of services enables us to provide all the services you need under one roof, keeping your communications streamlined and efficient.