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Our team members tell us we’re not like other consulting firms. In fact, we’re not like most companies in general. The quality of our people, culture, clients, and our approach to business sets us apart. We recruit passionate, driven people who, through their work, discover untapped talents and interests.

We work hard to allow that to happen. You decide your path: some of our professionals who started with us have found their passion in land development, planning, technology, or marketing; and marketers have shifted gears to move into technical fields. Others continue on their initially chosen path, becoming trusted advisors to their clients. Florida Engineering Design purpose is rooted in providing an environment for every member of our team to flourish.


Providing the Tools to Succeed

Helping our clients succeed isn’t a one-person job; providing exceptional client service takes a team of highly-skilled, passionate professionals. That’s why not only our clients but our employees can “Expect More and Experience Better” at Florida Engineering Design. Our commitment to our clients and our culture go hand-in-hand, providing exceptional service to both groups at the center of our firm.

Our teamwork awards are just a few ways we nurture a culture of collaboration and fun for our employees. These are all evidence that taking care of our people is a top priority for us.

Looking for a career change? Here are ten signs you’re ready for a new professional opportunity, and six promises we can make to you.

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